Terms and Conditions of Listing

Below are the terms and conditions under which this service is provided to our listees on www.travelandstayinsa.co.za.  Antony Ware (hereafter referred to as “The owner of this website”) also reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions at any stage he sees fit.

  • Firstly you must have the right to be able to publish and display any content or material that has been provided by you, that we will use to compile your listing. All information supplied by you must be an accurate portrayal of the nature of your accommodation facilities, amenities and services. No establishments will be listed in areas / locations, if they are not located in those areas or listed under an accommodation category that is not relevant to the accommodation category your establishment provides.
  • In the case of you owning more than one establishment, a separate application form will need to be completed for each of your properties, unless they are situated on the same property (erf). As far as apartment blocks are concerned, we can only advertise the block on one page if ownership is under sectional title (body corporate). Individual title ownership equates to separate erfs for which individual pages will be designed and charged for. Also in the case of Game Reserves / Parks who have more than one accommodation establishment (eg. lodges or camps) on the reserve, the reserve will be treated as a single entity (single webpage and listing), if however you would like a separate page and listing for each accommodation establishment (lodge, camp etc.) on the reserve, a separate application will have to be completed and submitted thereby incurring separate costs for each establishment.
  • As a Nightsbridge client your listing will be created for a once off Listing Fee of R450.00. You will receive the Payment Details / Invoice for the once-off listing fee on receipt of your completed Application. Only once proof of payment has been received, will we complete your listing. Thereafter a 10% commission will be deducted on any bookings made through your listing as processed by the Nightsbridge PayBridge Online Booking and Payment feature. For easy payment tracking, all your deposit payments can be traced via your NightsBridge owners login. Simply login via https://www.nightsbridge.co.za/bridge/WebView and go to Payments » Transactions. For a payment breakdown go to Payments » Payment Recon.
  • Also as a Nightsbridge client – you are a Commission Based Listing – PLEASE ensure to direct any accommodation seekers who have used this website to make contact with you to finalise their booking through your listing on this site – Failure to do this will unfortunately result in your listing being removed.
  • Non-Nightsbridge client’s listings will be created for an annual fee of R1,250.00, no commission will be charged for any bookings made through your listing. You will receive an Invoice for the amount of R1,250.00 once a completed Application is received. This invoice needs to be paid within 7 days of the Invoice date and only once proof of payment is received will the listing be completed. A month before your annual listing expires an invitation to continue your listing will be sent via email and if accepted an Invoice for the next year’s annual listing of R1,250.00 will be forwarded to you, which would also need to be settled within 7 days of the Invoice date.
  • Once payment has been received (Non-Nightsbridge clients) and the listing process started, no refunds will be made. Any cancellations (due to sale, change of ownership or closing down of establishment) needs to be made in writing.
  • Two annual changes / updates to your listing will be allowed (changing of photos, updating of copy or contact details etc.)
  • You agree to provide the owners of this website with all required material (completed Application Form and Photographs) before the compilation of your listing can commence.
  • Allotted time for completion of listing is 14 working days from receipt of proof of payment (non-Nightsbridge clients) and required material, although we will endeavour to have your listing completed before then.
  • The owners of this website will not be held responsible for addressing any reservation enquiries that are directed to us. We simply provide a service whereby interested parties get into contact with an accommodation establishment. You, as the establishment owner or manager will take full responsibility in dealing with reservation enquiries with interested parties, seeking accommodation, as well as any negative issues which may arise from their stay with you.
  • The owners of this website reserves the right to keep track of any enquiries an individual establishment’s listing may generate, it does so by getting a duplicate email of what the establishment receives. This assists us to monitor the overall effectiveness of the Travel and Stay in South Africa site as a whole as well as an individual establishment’s listing. Any of the information submitted by the enquirer / client will not be used for any other purpose.
  • All services provided herein by the owners of this website are provided on an “as-is” basis. We give no guarantees or assurances with respect to these services. And although we’ll do our best to market this website as a whole we cannot guarantee that any business may be generated from your listing.
  • The owners of this website reserves the right to refuse any Subscriber Webpage application or annual subscription renewal without explanation. This right also extends to removing a listing, without explanation, if it is deemed that that listing will no longer be beneficial to this website (eg. bad reviews legitimately received, non-payment of commission or annual renewal fees)
  • The owners of this website will not be held liable for delays in completing your listing or any other errors that may result from events beyond our control including Acts-of-God, actions by any government entity, fire, flood, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes, labour or material shortage, transportation interruption, Internet or communications failure.
  • The owners of this website cannot assure that any emails generated from this website or your listing’s contact form are free of errors, virus attachments, interception or interference, and will therefore not be held liable for any such instances. We do however do our best to curtail any abuse of the contact forms, although this cannot always be guaranteed, due to the contact forms being made available to the general public. It is your responsibility to have a reputable Anti-Virus program running on your PC, such as Norton Anti-Virus, E-SET or McAffee.
  • You agree to indemnify the owners of this website against any liability, expense, claim or loss that results from any claims arising out of online publication and display of your listing.
  • All business with our clients is conducted under these Terms and Conditions.
  • All rates are subject to change without notice.


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